The 2ndLine app offers phone numbers based on VoIP. It is a virtual telephony service, not a conventional Telecom Company!

Also: we get similar questions to the above as per the following so we are answering them here:

  • Is the 2nd Line app number equal to a number provided by a typical telephony provider? 
  • Can I use the number for any services?

While the phone numbers offered by the 2ndLine app are real, their operating mechanism is different from the conventional Telecom services. 

The 2ndLine app does not require SIM Card, mobile tower, telephone exchange, or any of the hardware typically required by the conventional Telecom service providers. It only requires a phone and the internet to function well!

With that said, some institutions, typically in the US, and sometimes in other parts of the world, such as Bank of America, PayPal, some social media services, etc., may not allow the use of a virtual number to verify their accounts.

However, we do not impose any such restriction subject to our Terms of Use.