Yes, you can use your 2ndLine number like your regular phone number, with a few differences:

• It's a virtual number: Unlike traditional SIM-based numbers, 2ndLine provides numbers through VoIP technology. It uses your internet connection instead of cellular networks.
• Most calls and texts work the same: You can make and receive calls, send and receive texts, and even manage voicemails just like your regular number.
• Some limitations exist: Certain institutions, like banks or social media platforms, might not accept virtual numbers for verification purposes due to their own policies.

Overall, 2ndLine offers a great way to have a separate number for personal or professional use while enjoying most of the functionalities of a traditional phone number. Just be aware of potential limitations with specific institutions.

Additional Tips:
• For best performance, use a strong and stable internet connection.
• Check with specific institutions beforehand if they accept virtual numbers for verification.
• Explore the advanced features offered by 2ndLine, such as call recording, voicemails, anonymous calls, and more.

Disclaimer: 2ndLine is a VoIP service and may not support traditional 911 or emergency calling. Please ensure you have an alternative means of contacting emergency services.