Ever wish you could automatically record your 2ndLine calls for future reference? Now you can! Here's your guide to using the Auto Call Recording feature:

1. Access Settings: Open the 2ndLine app and tap the gear icon in the top right corner.

2. Find the Recording Hub: Scroll down in the Settings menu and look for "Auto Call Recording" or "Call Recording Settings."

3. Activate Recording: Toggle the switch on (it might turn green or blue depending on your device). Tap it or slide it to the right.

Boom! All your incoming and outgoing calls will be automatically recorded.

Where are my recordings?

Don't worry, they're safe and sound! You can access them anytime by:

1. Heading back to the Settings menu.
2. Selecting "Call Recordings". There, you'll find a list of all your recorded calls, easily playable and ready for saving, sharing, or managing.

Extra tips:

• Selective Recording (Future Feature): While the current version records all calls, future updates might let you choose specific contacts or call types.
• Storage: Remember, free plans have limited storage for recordings. Upgrading to Unlimited expands your storage and unlocks other cool features.
• Legal Disclaimer: Before using this feature, check your local laws regarding call recording regulations.

Now go forth and record with confidence!