How To?

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How Do I Cancel My 2ndLine Subscription?
To assist you with canceling your 2ndLine iOS subscription, please follow the steps outlined below: 1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device. 2. Tap on ...
Tue, 27 Feb, 2024 at 2:06 PM
Moving 2ndLine to Your New iPhone? Here's How!
Switching to a new iPhone doesn't have to disrupt your 2ndLine experience. Follow these simple steps: 1. Download the 2ndLine App on your new iPhone: H...
Tue, 20 Feb, 2024 at 6:11 PM
How Can I Get My Old 2ndLine Number Back?
We understand you might regret changing your 2ndLine number. Unfortunately, recovering a previously used number isn't possible. Here's why: • Each ...
Tue, 20 Feb, 2024 at 6:11 PM
How to Subscribe to 2ndLine: A Simple Guide
Ready to add an extra line of freedom to your communication? Here's how to subscribe to 2ndLine in just a few easy steps: 1. Download the App: Head to ...
Tue, 27 Feb, 2024 at 10:46 AM
How do I get a refund for my 2ndLine subscription?
We understand that sometimes you might need to request a refund for your 2ndLine subscription.  Here's a clear and helpful guide: Before requesting...
Tue, 20 Feb, 2024 at 6:12 PM