We understand you might regret changing your 2ndLine number. Unfortunately, recovering a previously used number isn't possible. Here's why:

• Each number is unique: Like real phone numbers, each 2ndLine number is specific and assigned to one user at a time. Once released, it becomes available for others.
• Technical complexities: Reassigning numbers involves intricate system adjustments to ensure proper functionality and fairness for all users.

While getting your old number back isn't an option, here are some helpful tips:

• Explore new numbers: We have a wide selection of numbers available for you to choose from.
• Update your contacts: Transfer your essential contacts to your new number to stay connected seamlessly.
• Inform essential services: Update any online accounts or services using your old number with your new one.

Prevent future interruptions:

• Auto-top up: Use this feature with your Apple Account to maintain sufficient funds and avoid service disruptions.

Need more help?

Our support team is happy to assist you further. Feel free to contact us with any questions.