Why might the recipient see a different number when I text them from 2ndLine?

Due to recent regulations in North America, specifically the 10DLC system, enhanced authentication is required for person-to-person (P2P) messaging. This affects VoIP numbers like those used by 2ndLine and is a standard practice across carriers.

What happens when I send a text from 2ndLine?

• Initial message: Your first message may arrive with a link through our "text.delivery" system. This ensures compliance with regulations and provides a cost-effective way to send P2P messages.
• Subsequent messages: After the first message with the link, your messages should proceed normally through the text.delivery platform.

How can I avoid the initial message with the link?

Brand registration is possible, but it requires:

• Providing detailed information to carriers for registration.
• Payment of a registration fee.
• Processing time between 5 days and 3 weeks.

• This option is currently unavailable in the app. We'll notify you through email or push notification once it's rolled out.

Is the text.delivery link safe?
Yes, the text.delivery links are part of a secure platform designed to enhance message security and reliability.

What if my recipient doesn't want to use the text.delivery link?
We recommend encouraging them to download and use the 2ndLine app for seamless messaging with you.

Additional notes:

• Message delivery is subject to your available credit balance in the 2ndLine app.
• This FAQ addresses current regulations. Information may be subject to change.

We hope this clarifies why you might see a different number initially and provides options for seamless communication.