2ndLine offers a range of features to customize your communication experience, including:


• Make and receive international calls (with a paid plan).
• Call forwarding: Route calls to your main number, voicemail, or another number.
• Auto-reply calls with a pre-recorded message or text when unavailable.
• Caller ID display and management: Choose how your name and number appear to recipients.
• Call blocking: Block unwanted callers and spam numbers.


• Send and receive unlimited text messages within the US and Canada (with a paid plan).
• Group messaging: Chat with multiple contacts at once.
• Favorite messages for easy access later.
• Auto-reply to texts with a pre-written message when unavailable.
• Hidden chats: Hide specific conversations from your main inbox for privacy.

Organization and personalization:

• Voicemails: Never miss a call, even when you can't answer
• Widgets: See recent calls and messages directly on your home screen.
• Change ringtone, app icon, and theme to personalize your experience.
• PIN lock security: Protect your app with a password.

Additional features (depending on plan):

• International calling: Make affordable unlimited calls to international destinations.
• Photo, GIFs, and Sticker sharing: Share multimedia content with contacts.
• Custom greetings: Create personalized voicemail greetings for different callers.

Note: Not all features are available in the free plan. Check the 2ndLine website or app for details on specific features and plan differences.