When you send a picture through 2ndLine, the recipient might see a "link" instead of the image itself. This happens due to two main factors:

1. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS):

  1. Sending pictures through SMS requires a specific technology called "MMS". 
  2. While most modern phones and networks support MMS, some "older devices or operators might have limitations" and lack compatibility with this service.

2. 2ndLine's Infrastructure:

  • 2ndLine operates on a "unique infrastructure" compared to traditional phone services. 
  • This infrastructure might not be fully "compatible with all network operators", especially those with older technology.

As a result, the recipient may receive a link to access the picture online instead of seeing it directly embedded in the message.

Here's what happens when they click the link:

  1. Tapping the link will take the recipient to a secure server where the picture is stored.
  2. They can then view the picture as intended.