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  • How do I get a premium version of the app?
  • How do I upgrade the app?

If you are a first-time user, you can follow the steps from: How do I buy a subscription and get a number?

In case you are an existing user having an active subscription with the app reinstalled when you open the app, it will automatically be enabled with premium features through an automatic subscription restoration.

If the automatic restore does not work, the app will show a screen with the title Choose your 2ndLine Number, please tap Restore Previous Purchases to manually initiate the restoration process. If you have a valid subscription, the 2ndLine number(s) will be restored on the app.

Please note that the subscription and 2ndLine number(s) are associated with the Apple ID that you used to purchase with, so in case you are restoring the purchase, be sure to use the same Apple ID which was used to purchase.