For any queries, you can directly CONTACT US by raising a support request through the portal OR by sending us an email at We will ensure that you receive a satisfactory response at the earliest. We channelize the messages to provide a helpful response. Hence we discourage approaching us by direct emails.

While contacting us, please include and share the below details:

  1. Nature of the issue - i.e. issue dialing out or issue in receiving SMS (Text).
  2. Appx.. local time when you faced the issue last.
  3. The unexpected message (in case) is being displayed on-screen or played as audio.
  4. The country from where are you using the app.
  5. Just in case the above is not enough, we may request the recording of your screen showing the behavior. If you are using the app on Apple iOS, here is a quick step-by-step guide from Apple to record your screen. If you are using the app on Google Android, you may use built-in recording options (Android 11) or using third-party tools.

Other information such as below will automatically be prefetched for you if you send a support message from within the app:

  1. Device type with model (iPhone XS Max, iPad 7, Google Pixel 5, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, etc.)
  2. System (iOS or Android) Version
  3. App Version
  4. Purchased Number(s)

In case you are raising a Support Request through this portal (using the New Support Request button above on this screen), please include them manually.

Such details will help to serve you better. Also, we assure and respect your privacy. The details are used only to provide support. We do not share any details with anyone else.