Forwarding Calls from AT&T to Your 2ndLine:

  • Yes, you can forward calls from your AT&T mobile number to your 2ndLine number as long as the 2ndLine number is a "US number". Here's how:

1. Check with AT&T:

  1. Since call forwarding methods can vary slightly between providers, it's best to "contact AT&T customer support" directly. They can provide specific instructions based on your current plan and device.
  2. Typically, call forwarding involves dialing a specific code sequence followed by the destination number (your 2ndLine number in this case).

2. Verify your 2ndLine number:

  • Ensure your 2ndLine number is activated and available to receive calls. You can check this within the 2ndLine app itself.

3. Additional Tips:

  • Call forwarding might incur additional charges from AT&T depending on your plan. Check their website or contact them for details.
  • If you frequently need to forward calls, consider exploring alternative solutions within the 2ndLine app, such as setting up call forwarding directly through the app's features (if available).