Using the 2ndLine app can potentially "reduce your overall phone bill" depending on your calling and texting habits. Here's why:

1. No Additional Charges for Calls and Texts:

  • Calls and texts made or received through the 2ndLine app "do not appear on your regular phone bill". You only pay for your 2ndLine subscription, which is typically lower than traditional phone plans.

2. Potential Data Usage:

  • Since 2ndLine utilizes the internet for calls and texts, it "may consume data" from your mobile data plan. However, the app is "optimized to minimize data usage".

3. Recommendations for Minimizing Costs:

  • To reduce data usage charges, consider:
    • Using a "stable Wi-Fi connection" whenever possible.
    •  Check your data usage within the 2ndLine app or your device settings to be aware of your consumption.

Overall, the impact on your phone bill depends on your individual usage patterns. If you frequently make international calls or send a large number of texts, using 2ndLine could lead to significant savings compared to traditional phone plans. 

However, if you primarily use your phone within your existing plan's limitations, the cost of the 2ndLine subscription might outweigh any potential benefits.

Here's what to consider when making a decision:

  • Compare the cost of your current phone plan with the cost of a 2ndLine subscription.
  • Evaluate your calling and texting habits, including the frequency of calls to international numbers.
  • Determine your typical Wi-Fi availability and data usage patterns.