Switching to a new iPhone doesn't have to disrupt your 2ndLine experience. Follow these simple steps:

1. Download the 2ndLine App on your new iPhone:
Head to the App Store on your new iPhone and download the 2ndLine app.

2. Sign in with Your Apple ID:
Make sure you're signed in to the same Apple ID used on your old iPhone. This ensures your app data and purchases are linked.

3. Restore Your Account:
Open the 2ndLine app on your new iPhone. It will automatically detect your existing account. Tap "Restore" to seamlessly transfer your phone number, call history, contacts, and settings.

4. Enjoy Uninterrupted Service:
That's it! You're ready to make and receive calls and texts on your new iPhone with your 2ndLine number.

Additional Tips:
• If you encounter any issues, visit the 2ndLine Help Center for detailed troubleshooting guides.
• Back up your phone regularly to ensure your data is safe, even if you switch devices again.
• Consider utilizing features like call recording, call forwarding, or voicemails for an even smoother transition.