Your 2ndLine Number and Credit Balance Expiration Details:


  1. Subscriptions: If you maintain a "current and active subscription", your 2ndLine number "will not expire". You can keep it as long as you continue your subscription plan.
  2. Subscription Unsubscription: If you "unsubscribefrom your plan, your number will not be lost, and you can continue to use your 2ndLine phone number until your subscription expires.
  3. Subscription Expiration: If your "subscription expires", your 2ndLine number will be lost, and you cannot continue to use your 2ndLine phone number until you re-subscribe to any 2ndLine standard subscription.


  1. Subscriptions: Similar to your number, credits "do not expire" as long as you have an "active subscription". Any unused credits remain available for you to use.
  2. Subscription Expiration: If your plan "expired after unsubscription", any remaining credits will be "forfeited". Consider using them before unsubscribing to your active subscription.

Additional Tips:

  • Check your credit balance regularly to avoid running out during important calls or messages.
  • Responsible credit management ensures you can enjoy the full potential of your 2ndLine communication experience.