Maintaining a credit balance is crucial for outbound communication, enabling you to initiate calls and send SMS messages.

Understanding Credit Usage:

  • While a 2ndLine Standard Plan subscription reserves your chosen 2ndLine number and allows receiving inbound calls and texts for free within specific regions, making outbound calls and sending messages requires "Credits", a virtual currency within the app.

Additionally, 2ndLine Unlimited Plan offers a fixed monthly/yearly fee for unlimited calls and texts, eliminating the need to manage Credit balance. And if you simply wish to upgrade to the 2nd Line Unlimited plan, you can easily do so within the app:

1. Open the 2nd Line app.
2. Navigate to the "Numbers" menu.
3. Tap on "Upgrade to 2ndLine Unlimited" (depending on the app version).


- Credits are essential for making outgoing calls and sending messages.

- Choose the solution that best aligns with your communication frequency and destinations.