While your phone is great, 2ndLine offers extra flexibility and features you might find useful:

Privacy & Control:

• Keep personal number private: Use 2ndLine for online services, businesses, or anyone you don't want to have your main number.
• Separate work and personal life: Maintain a professional image with a dedicated work number.
• Secret conversations: Have private discussions without your personal number being shared.

Convenience & Reliability:

• Avoid network issues: Works on Wi-Fi or mobile data, so you can make calls even with poor network coverage or phone hardware problems.
• Always accessible: Never miss a call with voicemail and call forwarding.
• Flexible plans: Choose a plan that fits your needs, with credits that never expire.


• Transparent pricing: No hidden fees, predictable monthly subscription cost lower than your daily coffee.
• International calling: Make affordable calls to international destinations.

Beyond the basics:

• Customizable: Choose your number, personalize voicemail, and manage different lines effortlessly.
• Additional features: Enjoy voicemail, call recording, auto-reply, and more.

Remember, 2ndLine complements your existing phone, not replaces it. It's a powerful tool for enhancing privacy, managing multiple lines, and staying connected even when facing network challenges.