There are several use cases where using the 2ndLine app is more convenient. 

Consider the following scenarios:

  • Poor voice network
  • Frequent call drops
  • Frequent 'all Lines In these routes are busy' message 
  • Your sim card is damaged
  • 'Unable to register Network' error
  • Hardware failure at phone's data center
  • Mobile Tower Maintenance 
  • Telephone Line Security Breaches 
  • Misconfiguration issues
  • You don't want your main phone number to go out
  • Your want to have a secret conversation with your Ex (or your new business partner!)

The above list is not complete, but it will give you the insight that there are many cases where traditional network lines are not function.

2ndLine app comes to your rescue when you encounter any of such issues. 

You need a private or public WiFi or mobile data connection -- and voila! Your 2ndLine phone number is ready to work for you!

Traditional phone companies work with a kind of monopoly but not the developers of the 2ndLine app. The credits you purchase do not expire, and your subscription start, renewal, and cancellation are transparent. 

All you need is to keep your subscription active by paying a small monthly fee, which is less than 2 cups of coffee at Starbucks!