Manage Your 2ndLine Notifications with Ease!

Want to control how you receive alerts for calls, texts, and other updates on your 2ndLine app? Here's how:

1. Open your phone or device's Settings app.

2. Locate the "2ndLine" app and tap on it.

3. Under "Notifications," you can toggle "Allow Notifications" on or off.

4. Customize your notification preferences:

  • Notification Center Display: Shows alerts when you swipe down from your screen's top.
  • Sound Alerts: Plays a sound when you receive a notification (if your volume is on).
  • App Icon Badge: Displays a red number on the app icon indicating new notifications.
  • Lock Screen Notifications: Shows alerts even when your device is locked.


  • Enabling "Allow Notifications" is crucial for receiving any 2ndLine alerts. Customize the notification types to match your preferences for a more personalized experience!