If you're facing problems with the 2nd Line App like it crashing, being slow, freezing, or having bad call quality, there's a way to fix it. It's like giving the app a fresh start. Just remember, this might also help with other issues even if they're not listed here. Before you delete the app and start over, take a moment to read the info below:

FYI: Before you uninstall the app, please ensure that your device is running a compatible operating system (OS) version. Our app cannot work with older OS versions. Here are the details:

For iOS users: The app doesn't support OS versions below 12. If your iOS version is 11 or lower, we advise against uninstalling the app, as you won't be able to reinstall it from iTunes. To reinstall the app, we recommend upgrading your device's OS to version 12 or higher. For app versions above 11.38 on iOS, your messaging and calling data will be retained after the reinstallation.

If you've understood the information above and would like to proceed with a clean reinstall, follow these steps:

Step 1: Delete the app.

Step 2: Restart your device (this step is crucial).

Step 3: Reinstall the 2nd Line App from your app store.

If the problem persists even after reinstalling, please inform our Support team by reaching out to support@2ndlyne.com