To ensure you don't miss any calls, it's necessary to keep the 2nd Line App running continuously in the background. If you close the app, you won't have the ability to receive calls or messages until you relaunch it. Once you reopen the app, you'll be able to view the logs of any missed calls and text messages.

If the Background Refresh option is disabled, the app will be unable to receive messages while running in the background and could potentially experience limitations in making calls. To address this issue, kindly proceed with the following instructions:

To facilitate this, there exist two choices to verify:

  1. Low Power Mode should be deactivated, for that: 

  • Settings App 

  • Battery 

  • Low Power Mode

  1. Background App Refresh for the 2nd Line App must be activated, for that:

  • Settings App

  • 2nd Line 

  • Background App Refresh

If the Background App Refresh option appears inactive when set to ON, for that navigate to: Settings App -General - Background App Refresh. Activate the system-wide option, enabling subsequent per-app toggling.