Accessing and Managing Your 2ndLine Messages:

No need to search! Here's how you can easily view and delete text messages in the 2ndLine app:

Viewing Messages:

  1. Open the 2ndLine app.
  2. Tap the "Messages" icon at the bottom of the screen. This shows your complete message history.
  3. Tap on a specific contact or number to view your conversation with them.

Deleting Messages:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above to access your message history.
  2. Slide your finger left on the contact or number whose message you want to delete.
  3. Tap the "Delete" button that appears.
  4. Confirm by tapping "OK".

Additional Tips:

  • You can also delete multiple messages at once. Tap and hold a message, then tap on other messages you want to delete. Finally, tap the "Delete" button.
  • To delete the entire conversation with a contact, swipe left, tap "Delete," and then tap "Delete entire conversation."
  • Remember, deleted messages are gone forever! Be sure you really want to delete them before confirming.