Let's explore how they work:

1. Accessing the features:

  1. Open the 2ndLine app.
  2. Select "Settings" and scroll down to find "Auto Reply to Calls" and "Auto Reply to Texts".
  3. Tap on each feature to activate it using the toggle switch.

2. Crafting your message:

       1. Tap "+" icon under "Call Reply" or "Text Reply" to create a personalized message.

       2. Add elements like:

           Title: Briefly explain why you're using auto-reply (e.g., "Out of office").       

           Logo (optional): Add a logo for a professional touch.

           Message: Craft a friendly and informative response.

       3. Alternatively, choose a pre-defined response by tapping "Default".

       4. Remember to save your message with the "✔️" done button.

3. Testing and scheduling:

  1. To test the feature, ask someone to call or text your 2ndLine number while you're unavailable.
  2. Verify if they receive your auto-reply message.

4. Additional notes:

  1. You can always edit or disable the auto-reply features as needed.
  2. Consider recipient privacy before sharing any personal information in the message.

Tips for effective auto-reply:

  1. Keep messages concise and professional.
  2. Update your message regularly to reflect your current schedule or availability.
  3. Combine both Auto Reply to Calls and Texts for comprehensive coverage.

With these steps and tips, you can leverage auto-reply features to ensure you never miss a message or call, even when you're busy!

Remember: While auto-reply is helpful, consider using a personal tone and avoid sounding robotic.