Credits are virtual currency used within the app for making international calls and sending SMS messages with your private 2ndLine number. Similar to topping up your phone plan, you can easily add more credits directly within the app.

Each call or SMS consumes a certain amount of credits, determined by factors such as call duration and destination country. Longer calls naturally cost more credits, and calls to some countries may have higher rates.

Maintaining an adequate credit balance is crucial for:

  • Making international calls with your 2ndLine number.
  • Sending private SMS messages.

Here's what you can do with your credits:

  • Make affordable international calls to friends and family.
  • Send private SMS messages using your dedicated 2ndLine number.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of using your number without affecting your main phone plan minutes.

Additional tips:

  • Check the "Tariffs" menu in the app for current rates and the credit cost for each call or SMS to your desired destination.
  • Remember to keep your credit balance sufficient to ensure uninterrupted international communication.