It's true that 2ndLine doesn't send regular monthly bills like traditional phone companies. However, you still have ways to access information about your purchases:


  1. App Store receipts: When you make an in-app purchase for 2ndLine, Apple generates a receipt emailed to the address associated with your Apple ID. These receipts serve as invoices and contain details like purchase date, amount, and app name.
  2. App Store purchase history: You can access your complete App Store purchase history, including 2ndLine purchases, directly on your device. Go to Settings > [Your Name] > Media & Purchases. Tap on your Apple ID, then "View Account" and sign in. Scroll down to "Purchase History" to see your past purchases.


  1. Subscription statements: If you have a recurring 2ndLine subscription, you can see a statement within the App Store purchase history mentioned above. It will show upcoming recurring charges and past payments for the subscription.
  2. Credit card statements: The credit card statement for a 2ndLine app subscription would likely show the name "2ndLine", which is the developer of the 2ndLine app, followed by "Apple ID" or "iTunes Store" to indicate the transaction was processed through Apple's payment system.


  • Keep your App Store receipts and purchase history handy for reference.
  • Contact 2ndLine support if you need further assistance.