Go beyond calls and texts with our most powerful plan, packed with premium features for personal and business use.

2ndLine Unlimited Plan Features:

  • Includes all Standard Plan features
  • Unlimited calling and texting: Talk and text freely*, without worrying about running out of credits.
  • No more credits needed: Ditch the hassle of credit purchases and enjoy unlimited communication.
  • Enhanced privacy: Make calls anonymously, manage voicemails, and forward calls effortlessly.
  • Record unlimited conversations: Capture important calls for future reference.
  • Block spam: Say goodbye to unwanted interruptions with built-in spam blocking.
  • Multiple numbers: Manage multiple lines for different purposes.
  • Verification & auto-reply: Simplify verification processes and automate responses.
  • Hidden chats & app lock: Keep sensitive conversations private and secure your account.
  • Personalize your experience: Set unique ringtones and notification sounds.

2ndLine Unlimited Plan Pricing:

  • Monthly: $19.99
  • Annual: $99.99 (includes a 3-day free trial)

*Fair usage applies: While you can use the plan extensively, please refer to our Terms of Use for specific limitations.