Easily change your 2ndLine number directly within the app! Here's how:

Step-1: Locate the "Change Number" option:

  • Access the "Numbers" screens within the 2ndLine app.
  • Look for your current number displayed on the screen.

Step-2: Initiate the change:
Tap on your current number. You'll see a "Change" icon or "Change Your Number" button next to it. Tap this icon or button to start the process.

Step-3: Choose your new number:
You can either select a new number from the provided options or enter an area code and choose a specific number.

Step-4: Confirm the change:
Once you've chosen your new number, tap the "Change My Number" button to confirm your selection.

Step-5: Enjoy your new number:
Upon successful payment, your new number will be instantly active and ready to use. Your old number will no longer be available.

Important notes:
• Your existing credit balance remains available and can be used with your new number.
• Changing your number is permanent and cannot be undone.
• Your messages and call history associated with your old number will not be transferred to the new one.

Consider backing up your important messages and call logs before changing your number if needed.