Within the 2ndLine App, answering calls works just like a regular phone! Here's how:

  1. Look for the incoming call notification: When you'll receive a call, your phone will play your customized ringtone, simultaneously you'll see a notification on your phone screen with your 2ndLine number as the caller ID.
  2. Answer the call: Tap the "Answer" button that appears on the screen, and you will be redirected to the 2ndLine app.
  3. Start talking: Once connected, speak clearly into your phone's microphone. If needed, you can switch between a speakerphone or a connected Bluetooth device.
  4. End the call: When you're finished, tap the "End Call" button on the screen.
Additional tips:
  • Make sure your phone's ringer and notification volume are set to your desired level.
  • You can customize your ringtone for your 2ndLine number within the app.
  • If you're using a headset, ensure it's properly connected and configured for both audio input and output.