The 2ndLine app provides you flexible pricing options to keep your number active. 

  • If you are in the US, it can be purchased for $4.99 for the first month, then $9.99 subsequently.
  • It can be purchased for less - $69.99 if you opt for a yearly option.
  • If you want to "try" the app, you can try it for a week for less than $1 per day! [$5.99 per week]

Please note that the above prices are indicative and correct when writing this FAQ; it is for the US market only and is subject to change without prior notice. For any non-US countries, its pricing can be found when you download the app and see the subscription pricing page which will be presented to you automatically when required.

Since we run various geography-specific offers, prices are changed from time to time. When you open the app for the first time, it shows all the pricing options available to you in your specific geography. 

You can choose to opt for a yearly, monthly, or even a weekly plan. Many people buy annual plans because they come at the lowest cost.

Your App Store Account takes care of its fees, and the plans renew automatically. Of course, you get all the bills and receipts via your Apple account that you may want to claim as expenses. 

To know the exact cost in your geography, please visit the App Store page and refer to premium plan options. Alternatively, if you have the 2nd Line app installed, please go to the About Subscription screen from the burger (side) menu located at the top section on the home - Messages screen (left to dial pad button).

The subscription ensures that your reserved number stays with you.

Further, to initiate a first call or message, you can buy never expiring credits from suitable value packs from within the app.